Agrodolce Mother’s Day Brunch

Sunday, May 14th 10AM – 3PM

$30 per person (does not include tax or gratuity)



fruit and yogurt plate  # ^

seasonal fruit, fresh mint, toasted hazelnuts, sweetened vanilla cream

almond and olive oil scones

whipped honey orange butter, homemade pear rhubarb butter

smoked fish plate ^
salsa verde, whipped yogurt, toasted focaccia, fresh herb and fennel salad



durum spaghetti carbonara
skagit river ranch bacon, carrots, grana padano

wild mushroom frittata ^
whipped black sheep creamery brebis, snap pea and pea vine salad, stinging nettle pesto

grilled asparagus and poached egg # ^
sundried tomatoes, poached prawns, balsamic drizzle



mini waffle
tart cherry, sweet balsamic syrup, chantilly cream

french toast bites
assorted dipping sauces

limoncello sorbetto  # ^
fennel frond, toasted hazelnut


#  indicates dishes that can be prepared vegan

^  indicates dishes that can be prepared gluten free


–  reservations of all sizes are for two hour time slots during one of our three seating windows –

–  please call ahead if you have dietary restrictions  –