Menus are subject to change. We use highly seasonal products that may become unavailable. Agrodolce is proud to be Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.


Brunch is served: Sat + Sun 10am – 2:30pm




focaccia french toast bites    9
assortment of dipping sauces


caramelized broccoli   9

toasted almonds, chili flake, anchovy vinaigrette


steel cut oatmeal    6
cream, brown sugar, seasonal accompaniments


nash’s kale and winter greens salad    9
tart cherry, toasted pepitas, orange champagne vinaigrette


braised grain and veggie bowl    10
poached egg, local vegetables and greens, grana padano broth




served with side salad


seasonal hash   17

preparation changes weekly, topped with a sunny egg


seared celeriac omelet   12

grilled leeks, mushroom conserva, provolone picante


roasted winter squash scramble   12
skagit river ranch ham, caramelized red onion, grilled treviso


polenta cake benedict    15

agrodolce onions, seared greens, smoked tomato hollandaise


(not-so) basic breakfast   12

seasonal frittata or two eggs, bacon or lamb sausage, smashed potatoes





sweet semolina waffle   11

whipped squash butter, poached apple and pear, spiced syrup, pepitas


fried chicken and waffles  16

skagit river ranch bacon and marsala gravy, poached egg


nash’s red wheat rigatoni and sugo   17

skagit river ranch beef and pork sugo, house marinara, grana padano


grass fed lamb burger*  18

spicy dijon mustard, goat horn peppers, provolone, fried egg

add skagit river ranch bacon  2


“sicilian” baby pistachio pancake  12

greek yogurt, your choice sweet or savory toppings


durum spaghetti carbonara   17

skagit river ranch bacon, nash’s carrot, grana padano




carter’s tasty treat of the day   (market price)

smashed potatoes in spicy aioli  4

two eggs your way    5

skagit river ranch bacon   5

house made maple fennel lamb and pork sausage   5

seasonal frittata    7

polenta cake benedict   8

honey greek yogurt and seasonal fruit   6



*consuming raw or undercooked foods may increase your risk of food borne illness.