Menu is subject to change, many products are highly seasonal and may become unavailable.

We change our menus on the 10th of each month.

Agrodolce is proud to be certified organic by Oregon Tilth.


Dinner is served:  Every day 5pm-10pm 


FAMILY STYLE MENU    45 per person

A three course assortment based on the whims of the chefs. Served family style to be shared & savored. We request participation of the entire table.  “Regional family style” available on Monday evenings.




house made foccacia       4   #

nash’s red wheat, olive oil, sea salt


assorted italian cheeses   6 ea | 3 for 16    ^


grilled  bruschetta  13    

sicilian ‘maccu’ puree, fresh fennel, toasted pine nuts


antipasti misto     11 | 16    ^

zoe’s salami, provolone picante, house pickled vegetables


roasted eggplant soup  9    # ^

blood orange za’atar, cherry tomato confit, roasted garlic


radish and greens salad  6 | 10    #  ^

spring peas, fresh grapefruit, herb vinaigrette


crispy polenta fries   11

spicypepper aioli, grana padano


caramelized broccoli   12    #  ^

toasted almonds, chili flake, anchovy vinaigrette


burrata caprese    12    #  ^

green tomato, basil granita, balsamic and shallot marmalade


olympia lager steamed clams   14    ^

fried zucchini, seared fennel, artichoke heart





hand-made pastas featuring durum, emmer, toasted barley and red wheat flours milled in house.

(gluten free options available)

tasting size portions of pasta available upon request.


arugula cavatelli  21    ^

spring peas, pickled shallots, citrus breadcrumb

add skagit river ranch bacon  3


emmer mafalde cacio e pepe  21    #  ^

toasted black pepper, green bean, pecorino romano


semolina gramigna con sarde    20    ^

marinated sardines, pickled sultanas, toasted pine nuts


durum spaghetti & clams  20    ^

castelvetrano olive, pickled chili, fresh mint


nash’s red wheat rigatoni   19    #  ^

marinara, mama lil’spepper, grana padano

add skagit river ranch beef & pork sugo  3




grass fed lamb burger*   19    ^

mama lil’s pepper, mostarda, provolone, polenta fries


roasted half chicken (please allow 20 min)   28    ^

blistered cherry tomatoes and green beans, farro couscous, lemon and olive sauce


grilled st. jude’s tuna  30    ^

grilled asparagus, spicy salsa verde, cannellini bean and roasted red pepper puree, oil cured olive


marsala braised rabbit ‘cacciatore’   28    ^

semolina cake, foraged and found mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes



# indicates dishes that can be made vegan

^ indicates dishes that can be made gluten free


we do not carry gluten free buns or bread

many dishes contain unlisted ingredients; please inform us of any serious allergies.


*consuming raw or under cooked foods may increase your risk of food borne illness.