theo chocolate budino | quince nutter butter cookie     8

              (pair with vin santo dessert wine  12)


olive oil cake | washington apple, spiced caramel, almond cream     8

             (pair with G.D. vajra, moscato d’asti, IT (half bottle) 30)


limoncello sorbetto | candied lemon, candied fennel, hazelnut     8

             (pair with soft tail sangiovese grappa  14)


poached beet gelato | sassafrass marshmallow, cocoa nib, orange oil     9

            (pair with cocchi americano vermouth di tarino  16)


chocolate cannoli | ricotta, candied orange     8

            (pair with averna amaro  9)


pistachio gelato  | meringue, freeze-dried strawberry     8

            (pair with amaro nonino  15)


assorted cheeses | seasonal accompaniments     5 ea