Most of our menu can be made gluten free and we offer a gluten free rigatoni with our pasta preparations!

GF – Can be made gluten-free

V – Can be made vegan

VGF – Can be made vegan and gluten-free




house made foccacia   3  -  V

nash’s red wheat, olive oil, sea salt


antipasti misto   13  - GF

zoe’s salami, provolone picante, house pickles


assorted italian cheeses   5 ea | 3 for 14  - GF


king’s garden winter squash  soup   8  - VGF

washington peach, shaved fennel, black sheep creamery brebis


autumn greens salad    9  -  VGF

roasted delicata squash, pomegranate, pecorino romano


pork rillettes   12  -  GF

pickled mustard seed, preserved kumquat, watercress


red beet crudo    13  -  GF

pugliese style burrata, capers and chilies, fresh greens


steamed taylor shellfish clams   14  -  GF

bacon, smoked cauliflower, controne beans


caramelized broccoli   10  -  VGF

toasted almonds, chili flake, anchovy vinaigrette


seared kale    10  -  VGF

medjool date, calabrain chili, lemon




hand-made pastas featuring durum, emmer, toasted barley and red wheat flours milled in house.    

(gluten free options available)

tasting size portions of pasta available upon request.


chestnut cavatelli    18  -  GF

butternut squash, sage butter, spiced labneh


toasted wheat mafalde   18  -  GF

nash’s carrots, calabrian chili, bronte pistachio


red wheat spaghetti cacio e pepe   17  -  GF

toasted black pepper, pecorino romano, grana padano


durum spaghetti & clams   18  -  GF

castelvetrano olive, pickled chili, fresh mint


bluebird grains emmer rigatoni   16  -  V or GF

marinara, mama lil’s pepper, grana padano

add skagit river ranch beef & pork sugo  2




pan seared  sablefish    28  -  GF

olive oil braised sunchoke, citrus confit, almond gremolata


roasted half chicken    26  -  GF

braised einka, creamy chestnut puree, persimmon agrodolce


grass fed lamb burger*   18  -  GF

mama lil’s pepper, mostarda, provolone


grilled skagit river ranch pork loin*   27  -  GF

brussels sprouts, grilled apple, creamy polenta


we do not carry gluten free buns or bread

many dishes contain unlisted ingredients; please inform us of any serious allergies.

underlined items may contain an ingredient that is wild or not certified organic


*consuming raw or under cooked foods may increase your risk of food borne illness.