Courteous Canine Dog Behavior Training in Richmond

Can you really turn a misbehaved dog into a well-behaved one after aggressive dog training? The answer is yes. Dog training, when done right, will help get rid of unwanted dog behaviors. The thing about behavior is that it can be difficult to deal with since it becomes a part of you. But, the good news is that with proper discipline and using the right strategies and techniques, little by little, your dog will understand what behaviors are acceptable and what behaviors aren’t.

Raising a dog to become well-mannered is your responsibility as a pet owner. Since the only way to deal with dog behavior is through training, you should decide if you want to train your dog yourself or hire a professional dog trainer. Either way, you will see a change in your dog’s behavior. The downside to training your dog yourself is you need to dedicate time, energy, and a lot of effort to train your dog. You also need to do a lot of reading and research. Meanwhile, if you entrust your dog to a professional dog trainer, the burden of having to learn everything is lifted off your shoulders. Here are the basics of how to get your dog to behave.

Condition Yourself

Dog training is not a walk in the park. Sometimes your reality will not meet your expectations. We suggest you prepare yourself mentally for what’s to come because dog training requires a great deal of understanding and patience. Don’t expect your dog to get it on the first try. In fact, your dog may still not get it during the third or fourth try. Therefore, you need to understand that it’s going to take time for your dog to master some of the tricks and commands you are going to teach it. When you get frustrated, take a break.

Consistency is Key

The commands you give your dog have to be uniformed and consistent because if you teach your dog one thing and then a family member teaches another using different command words, you’ll end up with a confused dog that won’t follow commands. Let all members of your household be aware of the words you are going to use with your commands and instruct them to be consistent about it. The treats and rewards have to be consistent as well. Don’t give a reward for bad behavior.

Use Positive Reinforcement

You may have read blogs or watched videos saying that strict training is effective training. In some sense, yes, being strict can help discipline your dog but if you’re looking for a strategy that is proven and tested to be effective in changing your dog’s behavior, it should be none other than positive reinforcement.

In positive reinforcement, you will provide your dog with a reward whenever it does what you say. For example, if you say come and your dog comes to you upon hearing the command word then you are obliged to give a reward to reinforce that behavior. The rewards can range from snacks, toys, petting, praise, or playtime.

Keep Your Training Simple and Straightforward

Don’t complicate things. Let your training be simple, short, and straightforward. Also, don’t proceed to more complicated commands when your dog hasn’t even mastered the basics. Only advance when your dog is ready for it. Otherwise, you will only be disappointed with the results.


Dog training is fun but it can also be challenging. However, if you use the right techniques and if you practice patience and understanding, eventually you will see the fruits of your labor and get to appreciate the perks of having a well-behaved dog as a pet.